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34 Militants including 5 soldiers killed during Cleanup Operations in Afghanistan

Operation was held against the Militants in 8 provinces of Afghanistan in which 11 Militants have been arrested during the operation, five Soldiers are also killed, the Afghan Ministry of Defense.
Kabul: According to the Afghan Ministry of Defense, 34 Militants are killed in the Operation including 24 Talibans and 17 are injured while 11 are arrested during this action which is performed by Afghan Security forces.
According to the Statement by afghan Defense Ministry, Afghan Security Forces also seized weapons to destroy many hideouts of the several Militants.
The Violence from the Taliban is still Continued and Afghan Army and Security Agencies Have pressed that they have to clean the Taliban from that of their Country Because they Assumed full security charge from the NATO Led troops since January 1, Therefore The response by the Taliban is by the Bomber attacks and attacks on the Afghan Army and Security agencies.
A Local Leader named Dilawar shah was killed on Monday along two his Sons, he was the prominent pro Government figure and killed in following attacks by the Afghan Army in the Tani District of Eastern Khost.
In this joint Operation the forces also seized Weapons and ammunition besides Confiscation an Explosive motorcycled and two suicide vests.
They also stated that they have also defused 27 roadside bombs and landmines in the last 24 hours and also confirmed that they have also loss their 5 Soldiers in this Operation during clashes against Militants and Clashes across the country over this same period.
They have also Explained that in the Operation against the Militants, 34 Militants including 24 Taliban are killed, 17 are injured while 11 are arrested by the Afghan security Agencies.

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