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41 Dead Bodies of Immigrants are recovered from the Bank of Tripoli by Volunteers, Libya

TRIPOLI: Near the beach of Libya 41 dead bodies are found of Immigrants coming toward the European Countries as their ship turn turtle into the Mediterranean Sea.
A boat of Immigrants is trying to enter into the European Countries for the better life and the boat is fully crowed with the people and that boat is traveling into the Mediterranean Sea as the condition of the sea is not favorable.
On Saturday team of volunteers see some of the dead bodies are floating over the sea than immediately that team of volunteers started its operation to get out the bodies of drowned people from the Mediterranean Sea.
In this operation team of volunteers get out the bodies of 41 people and these bodies are undefined able and stared decaying into the sea some of the bodies are also marked with the teeth of fishes.
After recovering theses bodies police sent these bodies to the Forensic Lab of their DNA test and to know that form how many days these bodies are decaying into the sea.
After all the testes and taking the DNA of these Dead Bodies it is mention into the report that these bodies are 4 to 5 days old and decaying into the salt water of the sea now the government of Libya Ordered to buried these dead bodies as these dead bodies don’t belong from here and there is no chance that the relatives of these dead persons came to recover the bodies.
Now local police of Libya made a team of volunteers to find out the other dead people bodies in sea and the local public who visits beach of Libya is guided to inform the police if they saw any floating body in the sea or any dead body is placed on the bank of Mediterranean Sea.

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