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Bar Sets On Fire During Birthday Celebration In France, 13 People Dead 6 Injured

ROUEN: a bar sets on fire accidentally during the birthday celebration on Saturday early morning in result of this fire 13 party attendees are dead along these 6 people are also injured this horrible incident takes place in the northern portion of France in Rouen.
A bar situated in the northern city Rouen at France set on fire accidentally during a party of Birthday which is held in the Basement of that bar as the basement of bar is used for parties and celebration ceremonies.
A huge amount of people are attending this party according to an estimate there are more than 52 members in this party as this is a grand party and everyone is fully enjoying the party but at that time the celebration changes in to a life saving activity.
As during the celebration somehow the basement sets on fire and party attendees are very much afraid and the fire don’t covers the whole area slowly it spreads all over in an instant and party members seems no way to go out.
They also break the windows but the windows are protected with steel bars so they are kept sealed in the basement at that time fire fighters appear on the scene and saves the lives of as much people as possible the fire spreads all over in the bar and 50 fire fighters put their lives in risk to save the lives of peoples.
In result of this gigantic fire 13 party attendees are along with these 6 are injured badly and the age of these injured and dead people is Between 18 to 20.
After that Bernard Cazeneuve Interior Minister of France said that the investigation is continued and it seems that the sealing of roof sets on fire due the flame of birthday candles but the proper report of incident is not issued yet.

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