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Best Guide to Select Perfect Glasses & Sunglasses Suits on Your Face Shape

In modern era glasses are essential part in the person’s personality while some of the people use contact glasses but majority of the people use sunglasses or shades as these are now the part of dressing but the main problem is that how a person a judge that what type of glasses suites on his face.
In search of correct glasses shape first a person must have knowledge that what type of face shape he or she have there are different types of face shapes Oval, Round, Long, Square, Circular, Diamond, Heart, the easiest way to determine the face shape is to stand in front of mirror and draw an outline of the mirror of your face and then check that which type of face shape you have.
Now the face shape of the person is defined and now the basic thing is that to select the exact type of glasses which suits on the face.
If a person have a circular face shape than the glasses with strong angular shapes with proper edges and strong geometric shapes suits on a circular face along with this avoid the glasses with circular shapes they will decrease the beauty.
For those persons which have square face shape they can wear a verity of glasses but the glasses with soft edges and in circular shapes suit the face but select those glasses which sits high on the nose and avoid angular shapes.
Persons with diamond shapes can very unique types of glasses but glasses like cat ears and oval with sharp edges really looks very decent on the face of diamond shape boxy glasses never fits on the face of this shape.
For Oval shaped face they have to wear only those types of frames which properly set on the face of the person because the length of face is too much so wider frames look ugly on face.
Persons with rectangular shapes of faces must have to wear a curvy and oval glass which covers the cheeks to and glasses such as rectangular shapes gives a very horrible look of face.
For the heart shape faces frames with light material and very light weight frames such as fancy frames suit in this face shape as this shape supports the delicate frames they are allowed to wear rectangular frames .

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