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Best Hybrid, Electric Cars In The Market All Our The World 2016

Trend is going to get electric vehicle due to the flaw of petrol, growing number of drivers feel ease with Electric cars as there is no need to bear wait of huge queue on petrol pumps and gas stations.
Growing number of drivers got a variety of options if they have to renew their vehicle model because the manufacturers have introduce numerous new models and government of different countries giving a helping hand too.
Here is the variety of emerging new models of electric cars of 2016.
BMW i3:
As the world is in continuous motion BMW is in motion too, BMW introduce a bold modern design electric vehicle titled BMW i3. It has now upgraded and pack a considerable battery timing range, with a single charge i3 can travel 195 miles because it have 33kWh power battery. Fast DC charging makes it more reliable and useable while the price range started from £27,830.
Tesla Model S:
For the safest drive Model S is the best choice because it is more exhilarating sedan at roads. With a new tweaks some new technologies are also enhanced as Model S comes in market with auto pilot facility. Speed range is 0 to 60mph in a little timing only in 2.8 seconds. Model S combine the sensors of GPS as well as high resolution digital maps, cost launched without government grant is £53,800.
Nissan Leaf:
Nissan Leaf always marked its name as famous name, its introduces electric vehicles in 2011 and sold out almost 200,000 units, it has power of 30kWh which is enough to travel 155 miles longer but the cost is much affordable than other brand because 30kWh power vehicle offered by Nissan in only £20,230. Japanese carmaker also revealed after a decade and breakthrough in battery technology electric car enable to travel around 400 miles with a single charge.
Kia Soul EV:
South Korean Firm unveiled a small electric car which starts with as lower cost as can $24,450 without the federal tax, battery fitted within the electric vehicle is 27kWh claimed for the range of 132 miles now have a feature of DC fast charging as well. Kia Soul’s first car claim for the reliability and fault free because the company wants to improve its reputation.
Renault Zoe:
Renault Zoe is the small crossover entry of Zoe. Compact and bold small designed vehicle equipped well with decent interior, the greatest pull factor is its much lower price that starts from £13,945 fitted with eco mode that reduces 87bph to 60bph, offers 7kWh wall box charger free that can charge fully in 4 hours.
Volkswagen e-Golf:
Volkswagen e-Golf offered not only the electric power but also giving driving charms with gas fitted with powerful battery which provides traveling range of 83 miles while Volkswagen claims that it can have traveling range up to 118 miles, offered with much affordable price of £27,150 with a government grant. There is no difference between conventionally powered siblings and electric Golf.

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