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Big Brother of Aleppo’s 5 Years Old Boy Covered in Blood and Dust Died Due To His Wounds

The elder brother of Omran Daqneesh the 5 years old boy whose picture and video went viral on Internet to show that what was going on in Aleppo is died due to his wounds.
In last two days the pictures and video of a 5 years old Aleppo boy spreads all over the Internet as this boy becomes a face of pain and grief through which the public of Syria is going through this who is sitting on an ambulance chair and deeply in shock as well as he is covered in dust and blood fully.
Now there is a very sad news for that family of this innocent cute child that now his big brother Ali Daqneesh is no more the of elder brother of Omran Daqneesh is 10 years but according to the law of nature every living personality must face death but through different platforms.
Same case happens with the big brother of this 5 years of child he died just because of his wounds according to the doctors report and the witness standing with the father of these two children at the time of Ali Daqneesh death said that.
The 10 years old boy is really seriously injured as the huge amount of blood is lost from his body and he is also suffering through internal bleeding and this is one of the major cause of death as that blood has no way to go out and that starts clotting inside the body on the other side the organs of Ali Daqneesh are badly injured.
There is a chance that doctors can save life of this little angle but the lack of medicines and facilities is the major cause behind this death but he is not the first person who died like this many people on daily based died like this in Aleppo.

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