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Car Bomb Attack hits Benghazi in Libya 25 Dead, 20 Injured

Tripoli: a powerful car bomb blast takes place in Libya by a strong armed group in result of his attack 15 military soldiers include some civilians are killed as the total number of deaths is 25 and 20 other persons are injured.
In Libya the groups of rebels now form their own union in Benghazi and this union of rebels is known as Shura Council of Benghazi and this group is mostly responsible for most of the terrorist activities performed in Libya.
Now this time in Libya at Benghazi a powerful car bomb blast takes place this bomb blast cost many lives including the precious lives of 15 Military soldiers which are throwing themselves in dangerous missions and also know that there is no surety that they will come alive or not.
This car bomb blast takes lives of 25 peoples including 15 soldiers and 20 people are also injured badly after this bomb blast rescue operation was started and all the injured are getting their treatments according to the doctor report there are chances that many of the injured people are not able to survive their injures.
This swear car bomb blast takes place in the residential area of Benghazi in the Guwarsha district according to a witness of this attack he said that he himself saw that the attack is as much powerful that a three story building totally destroyed and become rubble.
After this car bomb blast Shura Council of Benghazi accept the responsibility and said that they targeted the military force unit of Khalifa Haftar as 2 years later.
This military leader created a group of military soldiers to remove the rebels from Libya but Rebels are not accepting this situation and strongly fight against the Libya National Army.

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