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Civilians Of Occupied Kashmir Targeted An Indian Military Group, 3 Solders 2 Police Officers Killed

KASHMIR: in Occupied Kashmir a group civilians attack on the clutch Indian Military Troops in the darkness of night and in the result of this attack 2 police officers along with 3 solders of Indian Military are killed.
As now in the present Jammu and Kashmir are in a state of war and Indian Military Troops Clutched over whole Jammu and Kashmir and now the People of Kashmir are living under the life threats as well as from last month curfew is also applied by Indian Forces.
After picking a lot of dead bodies bearing a massive amount of pain now the public is sick off from this entire situation and standing against the Indian Military Troops it is common that clashes takes place in the day light on the streets of Kashmir.
This time in the darkness of Night the residents of Baramulla district situated in the north of Kashmir on Tuesday at 2:15 AM a group of people attack on the Military Troop which is on a regular round of the area in this attack civilians charged over the Indian Military Group.
In result of this attack 3 security officers are killed and near at the point of clash some police officers were standing them also participated in the clash but the car of Kashmiri police is completely destroyed by the residents and along with the 3 Military solders 2 police officers are also killed.
According to senior superintendent of police, Baramulla, Imtiaz Hussain he said that now a huge operation is going to be launched by the Indian army to arrest these residents of Baramulla who attack on this Military Group as this is a great loose for Indian Army that their 3 Soldiers were killed by common people.

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