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Ex Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi Guilty Sentenced 40 Years In Prison

Mohamed Morsi is former Egyptian president On Saturday he was announced guilty on his acts and judge announced that Mohamed Morsi sentenced for 40 years in prison.
Till now Morsi is under the charges of 25 years of prison but on Saturday judge announced that Morsi jail is increased for more 15 years and now the total duration of Mohamed Morsi prison is 40 years.
Mohamed Morsi is in prison due to his wrong activities and huge interest in outlaws activities but major charges on Mohamed Morsi are that he leaked the secret information of Egypt to Qatar and he is involve in Muslim Brotherhood. Now Muslim Brotherhood is a group of Terrorist.
He leaks the secret documents and sent them to Qatar these documents carries the information of Egypt’s military operations details of arms under Egyptian Government the addresses of Egyptian arms factories, whole information about the secret weapons stores of Egypt.
Morsi lefts no chance behind to destroy the Egyptian intelligence and Egyptian military he also sold these documents to a private channel and also many other secret information. He was also involved in terrorist activities he ordered to fire on its own army kill many police offices and also set many houses on fire.
After all that Morsi was arrested, when he was arrested Qatar stands with Morsi as he is very beneficial for the Qatar but on the other side he is very dangerous for Egyptian intelligence and for Egyptian Military.
In 2011 he was sentenced for death with other 100 people in under the charges of running from jail those other were dead but the orders for Morsi were taken back and he was kept in prision.
Last month court ordered for Morsi to be dead with other six people but these orders were also rejected. Now Morsi is under many charges and the judges sentenced that Mosri will stay in prison for 40 years under tight security.

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