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Famous TV Personality Encyclopedia of Old Songs Naseer Bhai Died at 61

Pakistan’s Famous TV personality Muhammad Naseer who is famous as Naseer Bhai died on June 26 2016 at the age of 61 during his treatment in a local hospital of Lahore.
Naseer Bhai was born in 1955 in old Lahore he belongs to a lower middle class family from childhood Naseer Bhai is very found off to get knowledge about films and songs all the songs recorded or un recorded between 1950 to 1980 was in Naseer Bhai‘s head he knows the name of singer.
how many singers have sung this song who is the writer of this song who produces this song in which film song was firstly introduce each and every thing is in Naseer Bhai’s head.
In an interview of Express News Naseer Bhai said that my father was owner of a music shop and I am very much interested in music from there I started collecting music in my head and it is a God gifted thing that my memory is very sharp and I can easily remember everything.
Further Naseer Bhai includes that form last four decides I have been earning my living on the base of my knowledge of old songs and Naseer Bhai said that the when tape or radio was not common in public from that time he has been doing this work.
Just due to this super natural talent of Naseer Bahi, Naseer Bhai got a place in Express News’s most famous serious comedy Khabardar.
In this Khabardar there was a whole segment in which other participants of Khabardar as well as line calls can challenge Naseer Bhai and Naseer Bhai accepts all the Challenges here singer started his song there Naseer Bhai start telling the details of that song.
Naseer Bhai was suffering from sugar and kidney problem and from last few days he is very ill and under treatment.

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