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Governor Of Rio De Janeiro Requested For Financial Assistance Of Brazil On This Olympic

The acting governor of Rio De Janeiro asked the world for the finical help for the state as the state is suffering from many crises and its economy is getting lower everyday but the main issue is that Olympic Games are coming this year in Brazil.
The whole economy of Brazil depends upon petrol and diesel as the prices of these fossil fuels are reduced in international market. In the result of this reduction of prices of fossil fuel the whole economy of Brazil is disturbed.
Brazil can manage its economy but on August 05 Olympic will be started in Brazil and Brazil spends 8.79 billion on metro and it will be open soon on August 04 it was basically built for the tourists came in Brazil during Olympics.
Mayor Eduardo Paes said on Twitter. “The state’s financial emergency in no way delays the delivery of Olympic projects and the promises assumed by the city of Rio,”
There are chances that Brazil will delay the Olympics but it seems impossible because advance bookings in hotels and booking of flights are under process. After seeing all this procedures are under process the Governor of Rio De Janeiro requested for finical help.
The finical crises are not only the one issue the major issue is of corruption done in Brazil. Personalities in Brazil are getting rich day by day but on the other side the Government of Brazil is getting poor day by day.
In Olympic point of view Brazil is facing many problems as the portion of sea where surfing, sailing matches will be held the water of that portion is extremely polluted.
Zika Virus is also breakout now days so it was a great issue of health which will be created on Olympics.
According to an estimate 5, 00,000 people are coming to Brazil for Olympic.

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