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ISIS Release Video Message To Threaten France, Accepts Responsibility Of Nice Attack

ISIS release a new video message from the platform of media outlets in this terrorist video there is a special message for France about the Nice attack on Bastille Day Celebration, as this video release the fear of terrorist attacks in France.
In this video message ISIS spokes person Abu Muhammad Al-Adnani urging the Muslims to kill these non Muslims as they have no right to live these citizens of West are responsible for all the destruction in the world the West is dragging the whole world towards the shame-less activities and this the responsibility of Muslims to stop these vulgar activates.
Further Abu Muhammad Al-Adnani urge the Muslims in a very typical religious way to leave all the activities and join them to attack the West, Further in this Video message ISIS accepted that the attack on Nice during the shameful activity of Bastille Day Celebration is done by a soldier of Diash.
While talking about that 31 years heartbroken person Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel who drives the 9 ton lorry over the civilians and killed 84 civilians is a soldier of ISIS and he has recently accepted Islam and joins Daish.
The basic war is between United States and Diash as United States is attacking Syria and Iraq which are the basic training camps and head quarters of Diash due to these attacks ISIS has lost many of its great leaders along with the soldiers.
France is an ally country of United States that’s the reason behind targeting the France as the Policy of this terrorist group is that to attack on the ally countries of United States so these countries will left US and US will just like an injured line and Diash easily kills that lion.
Now the situation is that ISIS is targeting France and the Nice attack is just a starter now France is on the Hit List of Diash and this threat of being under attack really disturbing the France.

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