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Jason Bourne Reviews: This Film Don’t Fulfill The Demand Of Fans As Making Them Sad

Jason Bourne is released on July 29, 2016 this film is the fifth installment or sequel of Bourne series but after its release this film does not full the demands of her fans and the remarks about this film are not good enough which are given by the fans.
Jason Bourne is expected that this film is going to the cinemas of world with a great fan following but this film disappointed many fans feeling because there is a standard by one of the most loved action and stunt full film series of Bourne.
After Bourne Ultimatum the is a gap of around 10 years and then Team of Bourne release this fifth installment but this film is lust loved by 45 percent of watchers and other watchers said that this sequel of Bourne is totally time wasting.
In this sequel the basic plot is that Jason Bourne returns back after a long time and the biggest blunder in this film is that this accession is fully trained but he left practicing his moves for a long time so how it is possible that a person don’t practice his moves but fights like a trained fighter.
On the other side this film is not fiction based this not that type of film that Jason is diving in the bullets at slow motion this film contains real action.
But the level of action is very high which don’t suits the personality of Jason as there is a scene in the film that this black oops accession knock out the East European fighter which is known as East European Hulk in a single punch.
So as a whole this film don’t satisfy the demands of fans because this retired fighter knock out a group of fighter with a single ball pen which is totally unbelievable as the trend set by this film series is that they show those actions which can be performed by a human.

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