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Last Journey Of Abdul Sattar Edhi Towards His Grave

On day of Abdul Sattar Edhi’s funeral first his dead body of Abdul Sattar Edhi was brought from cold store for dead bodies of Edhi’s foundation at Sorhab Goth than delivers to its village so that his family can see his face for the last time.
Than now his dead body was delivered to the National Stadium of Karachi for his last player of Funeral and than his dead body was delivered under the VVIP protocol by the Pakistan Army and his dead body is deliver is covered under the flag of Pakistan which represents that Abdul Sattar Edhi is a national hero.
Abdu Sattar Edhi’s last Funeral prayer was said after the prayer of Zohar in the Funeral Prayer of Abdul Sattar Edhi many famous Pakistan’s celebrities as well as famous politicians includes leaders of Pakistan Army are involved.
After the funeral prayer of Abdul Sattar Edhi he is awarded by the guard of honor and 19 cannon salute by Pakistan Army.
After the funeral prayer the dead body of Abdul Sattar Edhi is transferred to the Edhi Village where he was buried under the great protocol given by the Pakistan Army.
According to the will of Abdul Sattar Edhi he is buried in the same grave which he prepares for himself 25 years before by his own hands one is more mentioned in his will that he wants to donate all his body organs.
but the condition is that Abdul Sattar Edhi’s organs are not in healthy condition except his cornea so doctors take out his cornea and donate it.
Another wish of Abdul Sattar Edhi is full fill that he don’t wants to wear that whit funeral dress he wanted to be buried in the same dress which he wears Edhi has only two pairs of dresses in which spends his whole life. It true the he is the richest poor person of the world.

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