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Murder Case Of British Samia Shahid Gets Complicated, Her Father Ex Husband Arrested

Murder of British Beauty Samia Shahid till now remains a mystery and it seems like that this mystery is not going to be reveled soon now investigation of this case takes another turn as father of this British Beauty along her Ex Husband and cousin are arrested.
Recently this mysterious murder case takes another turn and now police arrested the family members of Samia Shaid these arrested members includes her father her ex husband who is also her cousin name as Mohammed Shakeel and another cousin Mobeen Mohammed is arrested.
But now after investigation all these three are released on bail as police has no evidence or any sort of proof on base of which police can arrest them and through them into the prisoner cell as the time is passing this case is getting more critical and complicated.
On one side father of Samia Shaid said that she did due to heat attack the don’t murder her as she is a very obedient child and that is not a valid reason to kill somebody that she left her first husband on the base of some domestic issues and married with another person.
But after some time father of this British Beauty said that her second husband killed her who lives in Dubai and named as Mr. Kazam and that marriage certificate which is displayed by the second husband is totally fake and he is not just responsible for the murder actually he is the murder.
On the other side Mr. Kazam said that he is very worried about her safety as family of Samia did not like her and treat him as an outsider so in this way he sent many messages to Samia to come back soon but she did not replied of even a single message as she is dead at that time.

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