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If Needed Taimur Will Be With Me On Shoots: KARENA’S Parental Love Is In Air

From sources, it has been found that both Saif and Kareena are conscious about their baby boy Taimur. Kareena stated once in an interview that as she is now engage in interview so Saif is at home with baby Taimur. Kareena also stated that we are going to do the same till end like one of will always be with Taimur. Kareena was sharing her thoughts about Taimur when she said that Taimur is an integral part of me and Saif.
Kareena  is now a days trying to lose her weight as she is starred in movie Veere di wedding with Co-star Sonam Kapoor, she also declared that she is not going to leave her baby if Saif is busy she will take him on shoots with her.

Dietician Rujuta Diwekar was taking her interview and she asked Kareena that did she face any kind of problems during pregnancy or is there any problem still after delivery, to carry out tasks for Taimur. But Kareena openly mentioned that she did not face any problem because she had the true love support of her family. Rujuta asked that: Kareena do u thinks life has ended after birth of child? Kareena answered beautifully that no I think I got everything of my life as Taimur. Kareena added that as she put on 18 kg weight, but still she is happy because as result of this sacrifice of figure she is blessed with baby boy who has features resembling to his love Saif. She said she is part of me and Saif, so nothing is more important than Taimur.
Kareena added in her words that she enjoyed her phase of pregnancy as she has experienced so much care and support of her family and friends.

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