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Optimus Prime Returns Back To Earth As The Last Knight Videos And Pictures Are Available Now

Now Optimus Prime is coming back to the earth for the 5th sequel of Transformers which is tiled as the Last Knight since now every fan of Transformers Series is waiting for the new look of Optimus Prime.
now the wait is finished as the videos and pictures of new and fully transformed autobots are shared of social media.
One of the directors of film Michal Bay and the official social media page of Transformers The Last Knight shares the videos as well as the pictures of upcoming movie till now the basic plot the outlook of other autobots is not reviled.
The now the outlook of drift is reviled who is an honorable warrior and a very loyal member of autobots team but the appearance of big read blue heavy machine is hidden as he is the most beloved and favorite autobot of public.
In the last sequel Optimus Prime leaves the earth for the search of few answers and to find his creators so it is sure that if he successfully finds his creators than definitely the creators will award him with a new and some better looks.
On the other side a new autobot is going to be introduces which full of leadership qualities is named as Hot Rod he is the brother in arms of Bumblebee and joins the team it seems like that the last appearance of Optimus Prime and he will die in this sequel during the war of saving human.
So after the death of Optimus prime Hot Rod is going to lead the pack of autbots but till now this is only an idea that this is going to happen in this sequel of Transformers as it is titled as The Last Knight.

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