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Philippines President Unleashed Fierce Attack On Hypocritical European Union

After an aggressive attack on American President, Philippines President launched an expletive-laden attack on hypocritical European Union as Mr. President has aimed for a fierce crackdown against bloody drug war in Philippines.
Angry President of Philippines Rodrigo Duterte unleashed a wave of expletives laden attacks as Mr. President has earlier reacted against United States President with similar harsh words by calling Barack Obama the son of a whore.
Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte unleashed an expletive laden attack on European Union after United States President because they criticized against his objective of bloody drug war.
Mr. President Rodrigo has elected in May, vowing to eradicated the illegal smuggling of drug in only six months, Rodrigo promised to knock out 100,000 criminals and drug traders but after his joining on 30 June he eradicate 3000 criminals, police statistics has unveiled.
Due to the rising death toll in Philippines, Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has been a facing international denunciation but President has needed to extend his brutal crackdown against drugs and other crimes as drug war is worse than expected earlier.
The European Union has concerned and publicly criticized Philippines President about thousand numbers of extraordinary killings, EU demanded to halt extraordinary execution. Last week the European Union member countries raised their voices against brutal crackdown against drugs because it’s a huge violation of human rights.
The 71-years old Philippines President said in a speech in Davao which is the hometown of him, he reads the denunciation of European Union.
He raised his middle finger and said Fuck You to European Union as well as the Philippines President called “Hypocrites” to France and Europe because the ancestors of European colonial-era has executed thousand numbers of Arabs and other foreign peoples.

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