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Rebels Attack on Syrian Tunnel And Military Headquarter, 40 Military Soldiers Died

DAMASCUS: Syrian city Aleppo is again become a victim of terrorist attack this time terrorist targeted a military tunnel along with military headquarter, 40 military officers have lost their life in attack.
This time rebels of Syria targeted a military tunnel this tunnel plays a very important role in underground connections and this tunnel is hidden by making a military headquarter on it rebels of Syria detects that tunnel and secretly fix explosive material in that tunnel.
In result of this planned attack the tunnel destroyed and a military head quarter is also built on the top of that tunnel when blast takes place in tunnel that along with that headquarter completely destroyed in result of this destruction 40 able and young military officers left the world.
This attack shocks the whole military force that how these rebels get access to the secret network of Syrian military till now investigations are not started as the force is busy in taking out the dead bodies form the trash of building and tunnel.
That attack cause a great loss the military force as many of the top secret files are placed in this head quarter but now every thin is destroyed and these is no sign of any thing which left same everything is destroyed.
but the main this which is under discussion is that how these rebels get access to the tunnel if they are able to access this tunnel that there are possibilities that they can also access the other hidden and top secret places of Syrian military.
It is clear that in 2011 civil war started in Syria and forms that military and rebels left no chance to kill each other from 2011 to 2016 more than 2 lac 80 thousand peoples have lost their lives including many innocent peoples.

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