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Survey Shows 80 Percent Of British Girls Are Sexually Harassed At Work Places

LONDON: Latest survey is done in the Britain on the sexually harassed girls on their working places and what are their reactions over this harassment and the results are relay shocking 80 percent of British girls are sexually harassed.
This latest survey is done to help the girls who come out from their houses and join different work places to full fill their needs but in these work places these girls have to many problems and the biggest problem faced by the working girls is sexual harassment which completely destroys their confident as well as hurt their self esteems.
In this survey according to a ratio 1 out of 5 girls said they are the person who is harass them for sex is their own director or supervisor under which these girls are working and when these girls are asked about the complain matter the quarter of the girls said that they are not taken seriously an every person who came know about this make fun of this matter and this relay hurts them.
The head of Trades Union Congress (TUC) Alice Hood gives these facts and figures to the Thomson Reuters Foundation and told that this is the alarming situation for the whole nation as we are living in the modern era but this sexual harassment is still a very big issue of us.
And this report clearly shows that the girls between age of 18 to 24 are mostly becomes the victim of this harassment and this type of harassment cause damaging of their career and the live of some girls is totally spoiled.
Further she said that the porn video spread all the internet this the biggest reason that guys watch them and tries to make such situation in their working place just for the sake of sexual pleasure.

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