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Syrian Crisis are Entered in the Final Stage

Saudi Fighters Planes and Fighter jets for joint action against ISIS in Syria has started to reach Turkey, Turkish Foreign Minister said that his Country could launch a ground Offensive against ISIS of Syria in Saudi Arabia.
According to the Turkish Foreign Minister, If the Strategy Against the ISIS In Syria and Iraq have been Confirmed then is hope that The Turkish and Saudi Arabian Government Jointly Start Ground Mini Operation Syria.
He also explained that Saudi Jets and planes also started to reach in Turkey which will be used in operation against ISIS in Syria and Iraq.
He further explained that Saudi Arabia will also send their Soldiers if necessary in the operation and Saudi Arabia Will Send 8 to 10 Jets for operation and according to AFP, Turkish Air Force has also bombard in the Syrian Province Aleppo.
Iran Foreign Minister also said that Iran Government is ready with full settlement Cooperation and regional issues in the regard of Syria with Saudi Arabia and also said that Iran and Saudi Arabia have common interests with Syria and we have to cooperate with each other in this Regard.
He also explained that al Nasra Front, ISIS and other all Terrorists Groups are very danger for Saudi Arab and for all our neighboring countries and they may be danger for Turkey, Saudi Arab, Pakistan, and Afghanistan and for all Middle Asian Countries.
Saudi Foreign Minister Said that the debates for Ground Operation in Syria against ISIS still Continue and if it is necessary then Saudi Arab is ready to send their soldiers for Joint Operation against ISIS.
They also explained that Syrian President Bashar ul Assad will not be the President Syria in the Future and Russian Bombing Jets Will not Help him to stay in Power.
America also said that it will be very big misunderstanding of Syrian president that HE will stay in Power and regain His power by His Army. Russian Foreign Minister said that it is necessary to talk between America and Russia to resolve Syrian’s Conflict.

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