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Top 10 Countries with Highest Technology in the World 2017

Today, this is the era of technology therefore it has got the attention of all sectors and countries of the world because according to the benefits of this technology, this seems to be needy for every country therefore every region of the world wants to increase their technological department because with the help of this they fight, resist or survive from their enemies of all kind.
So in this respect scientific innovation help people to stand to increase this miracle, as some of nations which are not well managed in technology wants help form powerful countries of this respect for best achievements for country and its citizens, so countries with highest technology never look back at their past because they wants to look forward for their progress that make their name in the world like that of Japan.
So take an eye view at the list of top 10 Countries with highest technology in the world 2016.

10: Russia

Russian Private Industry is so much powerful because this country is producing a very quality of weapons which is famous in all over the world, despite of this is also super power country of the world and at once time it was number one country in this respect which is possible due to its latest and better technology. So this country has great research institute which is named as Moscow State University that is also known as strong innovative institute for the country, in 19th and 20th century this country produced large number of scientist in field of IT, Communication, Nuclear industry, aerospace, space technology and many other fields which help this country in 1990’s drastic reduction but this country is still able to be in this list.
Countries with Highest Technology

9: Canada

This country is well known in this technology because known as home of technologists and scientist because one of the major innovations of the world is light bulb which is invented by Canadian scientist who’s named is Henry Woodward, so after this, government of the country Canada is also mobilized to work hard in this field because working beautifully in the fields of advance health innovations, communication technology, improving space technology, IT Industry and most important in the different fields of Physics developing quantum computing, theoretical physics and working great in many other industries, optic cables are also in the innovations of this country, public works, health care, defense technology, domestic or consumer used technology developing rapidly.
Countries with Highest Technology

8: United Kingdom

Large producer of Scientific papers in the world which is none other so the United Kingdom which holds this records for several years, there is no doubt in the technology of this country because almost 40 % of the scientists of the world are from this country and it is very interesting to know that United Kingdom has high technology at the level of consumers than that of United States. So this is called as major super power country of the world, this country offers its citizens to access technology, this country has invented many things in last many years because of great number of scientists from this land therefore developing from the level of consumers to military with great success.
Countries with Highest Technology

7: France

According to the history of this country, France has great or oldest history in fields of science and technology because with the suggestion of Jean-Baptiste Colbert, king of this country encourage as well as protect true spirit of technology research in the country in 1666, so this was the initial point of technology in this country. However in 19th and 20th century they worked really hard to be nuclear power because of their research in physics with their intelligent scientists, so France was the third country in the History of world which sent their own space satellite till 1965 which shows their dignity in all fields of technology whether it is IT, Space technology or other fields.
Countries with Highest Technology

6: China

Still not considered as the king of technology but china has great respect all over the world in all fields of technology because known as highly profiled and advanced country of the world so country is still in progress to achieve more achievements, as it is interesting to know that this country has made great success in field of technology in the world from all country in short span of time after their independence in 1949. So it is ideal logy that China will be number one technology country of the world after 10 to 15 years because it is largest importer of technology country of the world, in all these China has best steel industry which help to make special targeted weapons.
Countries with Highest Technology

5: Germany

So one of the best technology and richest country of Europe is nothing others of Germany, this country has made success after World War second because of producing great type of military tanks which are used in war therefore this country is making rapid expansion in all fields of technology. So far this country has very highly technological architecture and infrastructure schemes which are used in this country as Stadium of Berlin is one of the great examples which is considered as most epic in the history of whole world, traces of technology found in this country was in 1900 who’s results are shown to us in this era with also its great economy.
Countries with Highest Technology

4: South Korea

Country which has done exceptionally well in good in all fields of technology in none others of South Korea so this country is placed in this list due to its magnificent production of Air conditioners, Robots, televisions, computers, trains, planes, cars helicopters but in all these Robots are considered as most advance therefore known as country with highest technology in the world. As talk about internet in this country then speed of internet in this country is largest than that of all over the universe, another great company, Samsung which has defeated many Japanese mobile phone companies to make respectable place in market so now he is working very nicely in auto mobile by producing more advance vehicles.
Countries with Highest Technology

3: Finland

Not only rich in beauty of Nature but also rich in fields of science and technology therefore country is still in the top in almost every sector whether it is health, economy, politics and also technical fields of science such as IT industry, so it I in the passion of the government to make this country largest in technology race as well speed by producing and launching higher technological projects. So that is the reason that this country has in great income per capita from many countries of the world, so this country has great part in technology sector due to well standard of education which is only possible due to magnificent management in the Finland.
Countries with Highest Technology

2: United States

Most famous country of the world because of number one powerful country therefore also admitted or considered in those countries which have great economy with large income per capita, many international popular countries are spotted here in this country which are included AMT, Dell, Intel and most important of all Google which is richest company in the world. Despite of this also in fast growing technological countries in the world, as US has finest technical intelligence system which is only possible due to its advanced equipment but as talk about the space technology then First man on the moon Neil Armstrong was also from this country USA therefore has great success in Space technology.
Countries with Highest Technology

1: Japan

Country which is continuously holding first place in this list for many years is Japan due to its best modern technology which is only done due to its best modern technology and invention made by the people of country after incident of second World War in 1945 so now this country is now debated for its Dimensional Elevator. As in field of defense, Japan is first country in the Universe which has made laser guns first so considered as most modern technology and science country in the world, so Dimensional Elevator can transport a person from one place to other in just of nanoseconds which is evidence of highest rate in technology so this country has made life of person more easy to live.
Countries with Highest Technology

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