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US Security Forces Executive Actions On Gun Control 121 People Arrested

Washington: American security forces start a legal operation against all prohibited immigrants in which they caught above hundred people from many populated colonies.
According to a news report, millions people lived in different states of America without any documentary evidence in result of that unemployment increasing everyday in United States. Last day, a big meeting held in presence of foreign minister who appointed a team for catching to all illegal settlers.
Last day, American State Department spokesman said that millions people are staying in our country without passports and nationality who also increased many problems about economy that’s why Government finally agreed to departed that all population.
Many unlawful settlers firstly entered in America along with all family members then made apply for nationality but lost their cases in all courts and now, security forces starts a large operation against those people and firstly they caught almost 121 immigrants.
American Government wants to stable his economy for the purpose of decreasing unemployment from whole country but illegal settlers also increased problems so, all prohibited population will catch by security forces in early of the future.
Mostly people come from neighbor states named Georgia, North Carolina and Texas for the purpose of getting their economical solutions in America but government does not want see any illegal personality in country.
The best thing is that when security forces completed operation and caught all illegal pioneers then according to suitable policy all will deport to related countries. In those days, unemployment is increasing everyday in super power named America.
Another report tells, necessary for all people in America to verify their documents because during operation security officials will demand all related information about certificates and passports. The best thing is that many actions also took by Government in past but any big success not get.

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