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Waseem Ahmed Brother Of Qandeel Baloch Says I Killed With Full Planning By Giving Her Pills

Death news of Pakistani model Qandeel Baloch shocks the social media as she is she is on the peak of scandals at Pakistan, She is murdered on Saturday at her home in Multan by her on brother.
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After the murder of Qandeel Baloch his brother become wanted person and it is very shocking that Qandeel Baloch was murdered in the house and the family members are unaware that she is murdered after that police success fully arrested the brother of Queen of controversy.
Waseem Ahmed is murder and brother of Qandeel Baloch when he is presented in front of Media by police he said that he is not guilty for what he did he has no regret in his heart she deserves that this is the result of her shameful deeds.
Further Waseem Ahmed defines the whole scene that how he killed her sister, he told to media that he is planning to kill her for a long time is this not a case of instant killing he totally planned the whole murder.
On 2nd day of Eid Waseem Ahmed went to kill Qandeel Baloch but he did not gets a chance to kill her further he went on Saturday first her gives her the sleeping pills in large quantity because this time he don’t wants to take any risk.
Than at afternoon Qandeel Baloch comes into her bead room which is on ground floor and their parents went on first floor for a nap after lunch and this is the golden moment for Waseem Ahmed to kills her sister then he went into the bed room of her sister and strangle her until she breaths her last breath.
After performing this whole activity Waseem Ahmed left the house and when the family members came to know that Qandeel is murdered now than Father of Waseem Ahmed call the police.

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