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West Indies Hardly Score 21/1 In 14 Over At First Test Against India

Series of test matches between India vs West Indies is started, first match between these two teams take place on Friday at Sri Lanka in Richards Stadium today West Indies is playing the 2nd inning.
Team West Indies is facing a lot of problems as Indian team is not giving a chance to West Indies to stand on their foots and fight back players of West Indies are facing many problems and not in that condition to face Indian team.
In the second inning West Indies is on the pitch to bat against India in this inning the opener batsmen of West Indies are Kraigg Brathwaite along with Rajendra Chandrika it seems like that these both are not in good form or they are under pressure by seeing the target given to West Indies by India.
According to the score board of this match Kraigg Brathwaite is still on the pitch and fighting against the Indian team as his personal score is just 11 on the other side his partner Rajendra Chandrika is catches out and gives its wicket to the Mohammed Shami on just 16 runs and in this sequence West indies get 4 runs extra.
Including all these scores the total of West Indies team is just 21 on 1 wicket in 14 over’s this shows that West Indies is in great pressure and the target given by India is standing just like a huge mountain in front of West Indies which this losing team has to concur.
Now on pitch Kraigg Brathwaite is playing with its new partner Devendra Bishoo score of Devendra Bishoo is till now 0 and time is going very fast it is clear that now the win is in India’s pocket but this is just the first match the whole series is till to go.

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